• New Home Study Towing Continuing Education & Recovery Training (T.C.E.R.T.) Program 3 Workbook and 3 Exams (Add-on)


    This ordering option is an add on if you or your company has already purchased the T.C.E.R.T. program and just needs 3 additional workbooks and exams. This does  not contain a DVD but only includes 3 workbooks and 3 exams.  

    The American Towing and Recovery Institute is proud to announce the NEW Home Study “Towing Continuing Education and Recovery Training” (T.C.E.R.T.) Program.

    The T.C.E.R.T. continuing education and recovery training program does not replace actual classroom and hands on towing and recovery training. It allows you as a company to provide continuing levels of training for your employees by showing proven methods including safety techniques. The program provides third party Certification/Verification that supplies your employees with the correct information and helps ensure that you are doing everything possible to provide a safe work force in your community.

    We are currently producing more DVD training modules of the live education we have provided for years. Each T.C.E.R.T. package will include exams which are to be completed and returned to the ATRI office. If the exam(s) receive a passing grade the recipient will receive the appropriate training credit(s). We also plan on utilizing additional training information from other sources such as, Federal Highway Administration, OSHA & NFPA, etc. This will allow you to obtain other opportunities to achieve additional training credits and obtain the latest information from the Federal Government and other standard setting agencies.

    Once an individual earns enough credits for each level; he/she will receive an identification card, wall certificate and patch for each level achieved.

    • Towing Awareness Level: 12 Credit Hours
    • Towing Operations Level: 24 Credit Hours
    • Towing Technician Level: 36 Credit Hours
    • Towing and Recovery Specialist Level: 48 Credit Hours

    The American Towing and Recovery Institute members are entitled to our 1st installment which is our Heavy Duty Training Boom Load DVD 1.0, 3 sets of worksheets and 3 exams at no cost

    Pricing for Non Members and additional copies for ATRI Members are as follows. Each option is available in our shopping cart for immediate purchase. 

    • DVD plus 1 Workbook & Exam                                  $99.95
    • Each Additional Workbooks & Exams                        $34.95
    • 3 Workbooks & 3 Exams                                            $89.50
    • 6 Workbooks & 6 Exams                                            $169.95
    • DVD plus 3 Workbooks & 3 Exams                            $149.85 ($20.00 savings)
    • DVD plus 6 Workbooks & 6 Exams                            $224.70 ($50.00 savings)
    • Live Testing via Skype Video conferencing                $19.95 per exam plus test.