4 New Durabilt g70 Grab Hooks 5/16-3/8" Chain Binder Tow Truck Wrecker Crane

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4 brand new Durabilt grade 70 grab hooks (eye type) 5/16-3/8" These hook are dual size and are OEM hook for Durabilt made in the USA ratchet chain binder. Working Load Limit 6600lbs Minimum breaking strength 26.400 lbs... NEVER exceed Working Load Limit, Death or injury can occur.

Yoke is a very high quality manufacture of rigging. Yoke is an ISO certified company and has Type approval by the major international authorities from SABS, ZU,API and DNV. Yoke offers the following features; *Magnaflux Crack Detection- All forged components, each individually magnaflux detected after heat treatment. *Spectrographic Analysis- To assure of the proper metallurgy content of all raw materials. *Eddy Current Detection- All load pins are 100% individually inspected after heat treatment. *Dynamic Fatigue Testing- Batch samples of chain and components are Dynamic Fatigue Tested at 1.5 times Working Load Limit for 20,000 cycles. *Manufactured from the highest quality tensile steel. *Supplied with test certs and batch numbers for ease of traceability.

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