(2) BA Products #11-UHRB-1 Tow Truck Ratchet Chain Load Lever Binder 5/16"-3/8", G70 6600 lbs WLL


This is for 2 - Upper Hand Load Binders... the folding handle on one of the hook eyes allows you to take up slack in the tie down chain without twisting. Size 5/16" x 3/8" with 6600 lbs working load limit. The struggle is over…it’s time to get the Upper Hand.

SAFETY Did you know that twisted chain can reduce the Minimum Break Strength, and therefore the Working Load Limit? The Upper Hand design prevents the chain from twisting. The traditional design twists the chain approximately one rotation per foot.

TIME SAVING Time is money but can also be your safety. When working along the roadside, you want to be back in the cab and on your way ASAP. The Upper Hand design cuts your time in half with the built in handle, removing the need for additional tools to prevent the chain from twisting.